On The Edge of Falling is the first book I actually finished writing.

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February 27, 2024

It’s kind of funny that I’m writing this instead of writing the story that’s hiding in my Google Docs currently. I can’t control the creative juices. They only work when they want to and they impressively have put up quite the fight as to my latest endevour.

I started writing On The Edge Of Falling back in 2021. The main idea came to me as I watched a live broadcast of a very famous Korean pop star. It was his birthday and I remember thinking he looked so sad, which broke my heart. I asked my friends what they thought, if he was sad, and they all thought I had lost my mind (not at all unlikely). So, there came the idea that, what if there were a famous singer that was incredibly depressed and no one noticed? That they just kept on going and suffered their way through life until something got better.

Both main characters were based on me, which sounds incredibly conceited. Logan Hayes, the mega popstar, has everything going for him: looks, fame, a great voice and a life to be envied. To his consternation, he is incredibly depressed and has chronic insomnia. Sound familiar? Evelin Holmes, is a bright and anxious music producer and makeup artist.

As I write this, it kind of sounds like the lamest book in existence. Anywhosel. What does it matter? She makes a claim? Files a complaint? Is that how you say it in English? against a top producer at LLT, Let’s Listen Together, who is sexually harassing girls at the company. Because of that, she’s moved to makeup for the time being, where she’s assigned to work with Logan.

He, of course, is absolutely appalled by the idea, but because he has no say in the subject, they have to work together. As they do, they become friends and he soon discovers that Evelin has lot more to her than just her crazy outfits.

Will they end up together or will a crazy stalker get the best of them?

Lol. That sounds so dramatic. At this point, I’m pretty sick of my own book, isn’t that sad? I spent hours and hours of my time thinking, pondering, plotting, and creating this world, for me to be like, eh. *shrug*

The Image Gallery of On The Edge of Falling

Here, take a look at some of the scenes I drew for On The Edge of Falling.

More About It:

I wrote a query letter, a very bad one at that, to a lot of different publishing companies. I received lots of replies, all negative about On the Edge of Falling, lol. It’s quite discouraging, truth be told, because I’d like to think that I’m a proficient writer but at best I think I’m Wattpad quality. Sadness.

I do love writing though, even if most of my friends don’t want to read what I’ve written. It’s like, “hey! I’m proud of this! Would you take a look at it?” And they’re like, “Oh, that’s sweet. I’ll get around to it.” And then they never read it. (Other than my sister who is my greatest supporter and who I currently write books for.)

So yeah. At this point, I have very low expectations for my poor books. My goals for this year include publishing at least On The Edge of Falling and working on this website with the Tiny Child. If you have any interest in reading On The Edge of Falling, leave a comment. It’d be nice to know.

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