I’d fallen off the K-Drama bandwagon that I’d so excitedly climbed on in 2020 but my oh my did Twinkling Watermelon bring it back! Let’s give Twinkling Watermelon a Review.

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K-Drama Review


March 12, 2024

I wish I could say I didn’t absolutely sob through the last episode. I knew what was coming but I still was heartbroken. That being said, it is a happy ending. Y’all know how important happy endings are for me. So, Tinkling Watermelon review.

So, what is Twinkling Watermelon about? We follow an 18 year old named Eun-gyeol, who loves playing guitar but plays in secret due to guilt over things that happened in the past. His entire family, his dad, his mom, and older brother are deaf, making him a Coda. This makes him feel alienated and in turn causes a few events that land him in 1995, right before his Dad loses his hearing in an accident.

Can Eun-Gyeol save his family and fix everything before his time in 1995 is up? Hehe, you’ll have to watch it to see. I’m not giving you any spoilers… well. At least until the last paragraph. Beware.

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Just Another Paragraph About Twinkling Watermelon

The whole story was so nice. It truly was. But, I wanted to talk about the things I was like…mmm. First off, I was terribly confused about what was happening because we were switching back and forth in time and I didn’t realize that? So, that could entirely be my fault because I have the terrible habit of skipping until I find something interesting. (First episodes always kill me.) It was a little slow at first, showing us how Eun-gyeol lived and what their family had been through.

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Twinkling Watermelon Review: Spoilers

Okay, so. what I want to know, is why his parents, after he came back from 1995 didn’t recognize him as the kid who helped them??? Like… you give birth to this kid, right? And one would think as he’s growing up, oh wow! You know? He looks like that kid that tutored me back in 1995. ?? So, yeah. That to me was like?? You missed something there. I mean, his friend kind of makes his dad remember but it’s so short… I dunno.

Next, I wanted more of Eun-gyeol and Se-Kyung at the end. They sincerely could have just added like 15 more minutes to the show and I would have been satisfied. The last ending bit was so short I was left hanging. Like, they finally tell each other that they like each other, right? and decide to go forward in time but when he gets back she’s not there and you know, chaos, and just, not enough time. They could have done better unfortunately.

But hey, all that being said, does that mean it’s not one of my favorites? Absolutely not. 10/10. Top 5 for sure.

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