When in Cusco, many a times people like to try Peruvian food. This post is for people who want something else. Let’s visit Jack’s Cafe Cusco!

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Restaurant Review


February 29, 2024

Visiting new places is exciting and exhilirating. I personally love getting to try new food. When in Rome, right? Cusco is quite the hub for turists from all over the world. Some of the locals call Cusco “The Navel of the World,” which I think is pretty funny because it certainly isn’t in the middle of the world, nor in the middle of the country. But hey, it is quite the cultural powerhouse.

So, what’s one of my favorite restaurants in Cusco? Jack’s Cafe.

The Image Gallery of Jack’s Cafe Cusco

Here are some pictures from the last time I visited Jack’s.

Jack’s Cafe: Delicious Food

Jack’s Cafe, I’m sure is pretty world famous. It’s an English-based restaurant, meaning they have Shepherd’s Pie and other English staples. I love the Green Curry. Absolutely smashing. Side point, their website does not do their menu justice. It doesn’t list all they have. So, don’t be fooled by the small menu online. It’s a lie.

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Gluten-Free and Vegan Options

As you know, I’m gluten-free. Gluten hurts my tummy. Absolute sadness. But anyway, I still love eating bread. Thank the good lord that Jack’s has gluten-free bread. It actually is gobsmackingly good. It’s soft and I’m pretty sure it’s got pumpernickle, but I haven’t asked.

One thing that annoys? Makes me sad/mad? Is that they refuse to make french toast with the gluten-free bread. Like, I understand that it could fall apart. I do. I am a gluten-free cook. I think I would know. But both the servers that I asked refused because of the aesthetic. So, don’t be like me and ask for gluten-free french toast, even though technically they could make it. Lol.

On the first, first page of Jack’s Cafe menu (in person) you can find the other gluten-free and vegan options.

Also, they have soy milk for coffee if you so desire. I cannot have soy because I’m quite allergic. I will say I’m quite disappointed they don’t have any other milk options. I’m sure there are other people that can’t have soy or cow milk. I’m hoping one day soon they’ll get on the program and add some almond or coconut milk onto the menu.

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Reservations For Big Groups

Because Jack’s Cafe is such a great place to eat, it can get very busy. You can make a reservation by calling ahead. Just recently they moved to a new location, which is great for the general public because it’s a lot bigger than the original Jack’s. It’s just a thought to keep in mind though if you’re traveling in a big group.

Check out their page here: https://www.jackscafecusco.com/.

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